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Making an impact in the community since 1992.


Steve Zimmer started in our local schools as a classroom teacher and counselor in 1992. His time working with students and parents on the front lines gives him the perspective we need to keep LAUSD focused on making our schools a place where our children can learn, thrive, and succeed.  That’s why Steve Zimmer is supported by parents, classroom teachers, and education reformers.

As our Board member, Steve Zimmer fights daily to fix L.A. Schools and keep them focused on the needs of students and parents. He is a leader in increasing classroom funding, raising graduation rates, and making our schools safer.

He believes now, as he did as a teacher, that our schools must:

  • Give students the tools and opportunities they need to succeed and thrive
  • Provide safe campuses and classrooms where students can focus
  • Increase and encourage parental involvement in schools and their children’s education
  • Foster collaboration between families, educators, and administrators at all levels of decision making

His initiatives have helped build student health clinics, ensure arts education for every student, increase parent involvement, and help students graduate and move onto college and meaningful careers.

During his tenure, test scores are up, drop-outs are down, and student performance is improving. As President of the School Board, he helped steer the school district to balanced budgets for this year and the next.

As a classroom teacher at Marshall High, Zimmer founded Marshall High School’s Public Service Program, the Multilingual Teacher Career Academy, and the Comprehensive Student Support Center. He also co-founded the Elysian Valley Community Services Center, a community owned and operated agency that provides after-school enrichment programs, a library, and free internet access to the surrounding community.

His innovative approach to reforming LAUSD from both the outside and the inside gives him the unique perspective and set of skills necessary to make our schools more responsive to the needs our students and parents.

“Steve Zimmer is a committed teacher and educator who understands how to make fundamental change and improve our schools.”

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