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  • LEADING THE BOARD: Leading an institution that serves over 550,000 students in over 1,000 schools and has authorized over 200 independent charter schools serving over 120,000 students, is no easy task. As a member of the Board, and these past two years as President, Steve has led the District through difficult times, weathering a recession, dealing with tragedies and transitions in leadership. Through it all, Steve’s voice has aimed for resolving challenges by working collaboratively and focusing on unity.
  • ENSURING FINANCIAL STABILITY: Steve has been tireless in his commitment to make sure our schools get the money they need.  After the Recession, he advocated fiercely with the team in Washington that brought  $300 million dollars to LAUSD through the Education Jobs bill. More recently he has made a strong case for increased state funding through Proposition 30 and its extension, Proposition 55.   Steve has been a careful steward of the budget, working effectively with labor partners to achieve a ‘shared sacrifice’ during hard times and advocating intensely to address underfunding of Special Education and to invest strategically to increase enrollment.  As a result of the Board’s strong financial management, LA Unified has been awarded the highest credit rating of AAA.
  • ARTS EDUCATION: Steve has been a strong voice on the Board for ensuring that all students have access to high quality arts education. He believes that arts education is a right for every student, not a privilege for the affluent and the lucky.  Since he’s been in office, arts funding has increased by $18 million dollars and the Arts Equity Index that he championed now ensures resources where they are needed the most.
  • HEALTHY MEALS: Steve’s commitment to making sure students eat healthy meals is unparalleled. His Good Food Purchasing resolution has been a model around the country for making sure student lunches have met the highest nutritional, environmental and animal welfare standards.
  • FOCUS ON SERVING EVERY CHILD:  Steve has been one of the strongest champions for making sure public education remains focused on serving every child that ‘comes to the schoolhouse door’.  He has ensured the District stands together and supports the needs of students living in poverty, students facing trauma, special education students, undocumented students, LGBT students, English Learners, and foster children. He was the founder of Student Recovery Day, which focuses the District’s attention on making personal contact with students to support them to return to school.
  • IMMIGRATION: Steve’s has been one of the leading voices on the Board in support of comprehensive immigration reform and the Dream Act. He also authored the resolution ensuring schools are safe zones where students and families facing immigration enforcement actions can find safety and seek assistance and information.
  • INCREASING SCHOOL OPTIONS FOR PARTNERS: Since Steve has been in LAUSD created 48 new magnet programs over 20 new language programs and more charter schools than any school district in the country.
  • RESPONSIVE TO PARENTS/NEW PROGRAMS: Steve has been incredibly responsive to parents’ demand for innovative programs.  With his leadership, LAUSD created 48 new magnet programs and parents can now choose more than one magnet. He has been steadfast in his support for growing and expanding new language programs (8), both in his District and across LA Unified.
  • SUPPORTING BD4 SCHOOLS: Steve has worked hard to make sure his schools get the attention they deserve, responding to parent concerns at every level. He has supported parents in their efforts to beautify their schools, to create new school gardens, to improve maintenance and when funding is available, to bring about major improvements and modernization.
  • WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP: Steve believes strongly in working in partnership with the City of LA and community organizations to bring additional services to students. His field office, located in the FamilySource Center in Hollywood, works day in and day out to support school communities by offering child care, after school programs and other services.
  • K-12 PATHWAYS: Steve believes that it’s important for LA Unified to ensure that families have a seamless trajectory from Kindergarten through graduation. His office has worked tirelessly with Local District staff to ensure schools provide thematic programs that continue from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.  Examples include: the STEAM Pathway in the Taft Complex and the Languages Pathway in the Venice Complex.
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